Home: Christmas musings from an actively resting workaholic

  At Christmas time, our thoughts turn to home.   Home.   Such a simple word: a noun of four letters, equal part consonant and vowel, easy to pronounce and yet almost impossible to define. Because to define anything brings in other words which must then also be defined, creating a spiral nest of definitions, each one seemingly moving further… Read more →

Anti Social Media: Digital Courage and the M’Naghten rule

    Not long ago, I finally pulled the plug on my Facebook account. Since I have never been involved in any other social media platforms, this long considered action on my part has resulted in my social media profile being reduced to exactly zero (as long as my website, YouTube channel, and involvement in a bass message board don’t… Read more →

Serial Monogamy

I first realized that I had been a serial monogamist all my life while having a discussion with my wife early in our marriage. While we were dating, I was a jazz pianist who doubled on electric bass for fun and to make money, but it was clear that piano was the true musical passion and “soul mate” in my… Read more →